Cougar Town was episodes of pure fun and laughter! But where are they today? Airing in , this series ran all the way into ! Their new angle was to focus on all of the cast members’ lives. Bill Lawrence shared some more big news in They were possibly going to change the name of the show. Not everyone praised and raved about the show when it first came out.

Photos – Cougar Town 2.01 “All Mixed Up”

In order to beat the rush of new series that arrive on television each spring and fall, hopeful pilots are given flashy names that showrunners and producers hope will draw eyes from their countless competitors. Most of the time, these titles reveal something important about the premise behind the show, although the two concepts can end up with only a peripheral attachment to each other.

The series “Cougar Town” has moved so far from its initial premise that each episode’s title card from season 2 onwards includes a joke about it in the subtitle.

Travis hates Laurie’s choices for baby names and needs Ellie. Episode 3. To Find a Friend.

Uncork the vino and break out the penny can! The Cougar Town crew is gearing up for another season of hilariously dysfunctional mating, relating, and of course, round-the-clock drinking. Jules Cobb is Gulfhaven’s premier real estate agent and loving mother of one…sometimes a little too loving. Often inappropriate in the way she shows her affection for Travis, Jules Cobb is struggling with the fact that her baby is growing up, as well as sharing his love with another woman — Laurie.

Grayson and Jules have been happily married for about a year, but their relationship has not gone without some ups and downs. Unlike Jules, Grayson prefers privacy and is often annoyed by the constant influx of people into their home. But despite their differences, Jules and Grayson balance each other out perfectly. Laurie owns her own bakery called Crazy Cakes and recently started dating Travis exclusively.

She may be a little rough around the edges, but what Laurie lacks in tact, she makes up for with a fun-loving personality. Andy is a devoted father, Ellie’s loyal husband and Mayor of Gulfhaven. He loves his wife almost as much as he loves his coffee. And he loves his coffee almost as much as he loves hanging with Bobby.

Bobby is Jules’ disarmingly charming ex-husband who lives in a boat and loves playing Penny Can with his best friend, Andy. He tries hard to be a good father — even though he’s not always successful.

Cougar Town – Episode Guide

Laurie and Travis are now a couple, which makes Jules uneasy. This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location. Add to Watchlist. By clicking play, you agree to our Terms of Use. Episodes 13 Sort by Episode number Newest episodes Available to watch. All or Nothin’.

Jules freaks out when Travis starts dating Holly, Ellie tries to keep Andy from running for mayor, and Laurie tries to help Bobby overcome his prejudices.

A recently divorced woman decides to find some excitement in her dating life. Read more. It has a great rating on IMDb: 7. Click on a playlink to watch it now! As Jules runs mission control, Grayson tries to keep Tom from saying something weird, Andy buys them movie tickets, Laurie and Travis set up a heroic moment for him, and Ellie and Chick mock the whole proceedings – all with disastrous results. Travis and Laurie stake out a cupcake thief, and Andy and Ellie try to figure out who Tom’s celebrity patient is.

Laurie helps Andy fit in with a cool mom group and Travis and Ellie open up to each other in the Winebulance. Andy talks Travis into using a baby gift for himself and Ellie can’t stand that Laurie is treating Baby Bobby like and accessory. Jules and Laurie try to have an amazing night, but Laurie isn’t feeling it. Andy and Ellie try to stop a gang of bullies.

And Travis and Grayson help their high school counterparts win a girl. Ellie needs a place to escape since Andy is home all the time, so she goes to Bobby’s boat, only to find that Grayson beat her to it. Meanwhile, Travis and Laurie encourage Tom to date Ellie takes Andy on a revenge mission after he loses his mayorship.

Review: ‘Cougar Town’ still silly, sweet in all the right ways

Cougar Town centers on the Cul de Sac Crew, a tight-knit group of friends who keep things funny while supporting each other through the challenges and pitfalls of life — with a little dysfunction and a whole lot of wine. They are frequently joined by Jules’ young adult son, Travis Dan Byrd , who tends to be far more mature than anyone else in the group. At the end of season four, Laurie and Travis became a couple and Jules is determined to play it cool.

However, the idea of Laurie dating her son makes her incredibly uneasy.

Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Cougar Town, Season 2 ABC, focusing on a recently divorced women interested in dating younger men. Travis: Of course. Smith: Wow! That was like riding a mechanic bull. Laurie.

The year-old actress, who welcomed her first daughter Birdie in , gave birth to a second daughter Cricket in So, she’s planning to spend the summer months with her girls — and in the sun. It’s part of the reason she teamed with Banana Boat to help launch its “Best Summer Ever” initiative — and why she’s reminding parents and kids alike to lather up with sunscreen. On finding out her character on “Cougar Town” is pregnant at end of season 5 : “Since I, Busy Philipps, was just pregnant in real life — IRL the kids say — I was a little bummed because I just spent half of season 4 hiding my pregnancy and then all of season 5 losing my baby weight on camera.

I had to go back five weeks after giving birth and I’m not Gisele [Bundchen]! On her career trajectory : “I feel like ‘Freaks and Geeks’ was my high school. I guess the twist of the show is that Laurie ended up being the only cougar on the show because she’s now dating Travis — having a baby with Travis — who’s so much younger than she is.

On buzz about a “Dawson’s Creek” reunion : “If there is, no one has spoken to me about it. And Michelle [Williams] and I very close friends and no one has spoken to her either, although her character did — spoiler alert — die. So, I don’t know how she would come back Why, why why would we want that? I don’t want that

Laurie Keller

First it turns into an effort to get Travis a job—complete with them spying on him behind absurdly large sunglasses—and then it turns into scare tactics that wind up being more hurtful to Bobby than they are helpful to Travis. And fittingly, Travis has to once again step in to play the more grown-up of the trio, reminding them that while they show their concern and affection for him in the stupidest of ways, he never misses the good intentions at the core of their efforts.

The reveal that Travis has accepted a job at Coffee Bucks essentially secures his adult position in the show, as now more than half the main cast works on the same street in locations the rest of the cast regularly walks in and out of.

TV Shows: Cougar Town fanfiction archive with over 31 stories. Come in to Travis has a run-in with Laurie after his mom’s wedding. Jules & Grayson have been dating for a year, is it still paradise as it was when they first starting dating?

The comedy series has boasted some seriously creepy themes since the beginning, introducing them subtly and then gradually building up to an all-out psychological minefield in its latest TBS-backed season. When we met Jules Cobb Courteney Cox in the regrettable first chapter of the program, she was a year-old mook devoted to the pursuit of much younger romantic partners. In kind of an odd way. As such, nobody really ever calls much attention to it as a problem.

While those submitting wholly to the constructs of romantic love will find some fondness for the union, many will find fault with this pair. Yes, maybe. Simply, in the name of lazy hedonism. Why do we give a free pass to Jules for skipping work, drinking all, and nearly lusting after her son, to Grayson for basking in his heated intolerance, to Bobby Cobb Brian Van Holt for cheating on his ex-wife for years, not to mention all of the other nonsense that goes on in this cul-de-sac, then why are we so troubled by Travis and Laurie?

All things considered, the two of them getting together is just about the most acceptable turn of events this show has taken. Bravo, young love.

Cougar Town

Cougar Town. And, you know what? Many of my friends are ish women, a number single and dealing with the frustrations of dating, some involved with younger men. So why all the haters? Why should there be such distain for a show about dating and friendship among women in their 40s? I, for one, still love Sex and the City , though the similarities between the two shows are superficial.

Travis and Laurie literally spent the entire hour trying to have their first kiss, with myriad obstacles getting in their way. The final obstacle was a.

Watch the trailer. Title: Southern Accents 01 May Jules freaks out when Travis starts dating Holly, Ellie tries to keep Andy from running for mayor, and Laurie tries to help Bobby overcome his prejudices. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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On TV, thunderstorms or, in the coastal states, hurricanes lend themselves to romance. People are trapped indoors, the power goes out, and the candles come on. Hair becomes attractively wet, and skin dewy. No, the seduction being done in this episode is in the probably clammy hands of Travis. Cougar Town has tiptoed around a possible Travis-Laurie relationship for a while now.

Cougar Town’s Busy Philipps on Travis-Laurie Romance: Bring It On! By Andy Do you want ‘Cougar Town’s Travis and Laurie to hook up? Yes If for nothing else, than Jules’ reaction to one of her bffs dating her son.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply It’s a modern day AU but all the credits for the characters go to Bill Lawrence and the other writers. Assume all characters are played by the actresses and actors from the show. Please review. Hope you like it. Reviews are welcome. What viewers want to see by caseylovemondler reviews The actual stories of what you want to see, Please give suggestions as it helps me out and it is good for you as you get to read about things that wasn;t included in the show even-though we heard about them.

What would you like to see by caseylovemondler reviews Basically tell me what scenes we didnt get to see or bring to life about the show and tell me I will write a chapter about it. My first story this will be.

Cougar Town – Jules bans Laurie from dating Travis

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